The TheraPlate is a unique therapy platform, which uses an advanced patented technology known as Vortex Wave Circulation (VWC) Therapy.

This technology does not create any form of vibration during the process.

VWC is driven solely by Centrifugal Force – a force that appears to act on a body moving in a circular path and is directed away from the centre around which the body is moving. When the motion created by the platform acts upon the body, the resulting involuntary muscle contraction promotes blood circulation to areas of the body not usually targeted when standing still.

VWC therapy administered through TheraPlate is seen as an alternative therapy for a variety of chronic conditions and is also widely used for rehabilitation and recovery following injury or exertion.

How can blood support healing?

4 Stages
  1. Haemostasis – stopping bleeding through forming a clot
  2. Dilation – allows the blood vessels to open slightly to allow nutrients and oxygen to arrive
  3. Growth and rebuilding – oxygen-rich red blood cells begin to help build new tissue.
  4. Strengthening – new tissue begins to get stronger. The wound gains strength quickly over the first 6 weeks.

TheraPlate can help through an increase of circulation.